Our Philosophy

Furniture objects whether designed for the home, office or hotel come from the minds and hearts of passionate and highly experienced creative people. We are continually developing, imagining and innovating for our valued clients. Day and night we rack our brains, sweat over drawing boards and rush on highways from boardrooms to sites to make these dreams a reality. We stay up late and get up early to ensure the end product is the best it can be.

It is because of our love and passion for good design that we make things happen, but sometimes our creativity is diluted and altered so much that we are forced to focus on the paycheck at the end of a project rather than our creative vision. Object511 was born out of the desire for beautiful, functional pieces that make us happy. We have taken time to do stuff we love, for ourselves and others. The passion, creativity and vision we start out with ends up in the end product we produce at Object511. We are about products that work, products we use and put in our own homes, products we want to share with you. An Object511 product can be the result of a deep thought session of how things can be better or a moment of genius inspiration. They are created between the rush of the everyday grind and quiet moments of artistic reflection. They are happy, heartwarming pieces that need to be shared.